This one of a kind integrative health coaching program by Dr. Jardine empowers you to use mindset, movement and metabolism as medicine so you can fully engage in getting the most out of life.

  • Are you frustrated that your health has deteriorated and that you don't have the energy you used to?

  • Are you starting to move less and hurt more everyday?

  • Have you tried dozens of approaches to regain control over your health and non of them have worked long term?  

  • Do you appreciate that to gain long term success in regaining control over your health that you need to focus on your beliefs and not just follow another template for more exercise and less food? 

  • Are you looking to work the a proven expert in the field of health and human performance?

These are the exact frustrations I have helped people, including myself, to overcome so they can live the healthiest, highest quality and most engaging life possible.

My decades of experience working with some of the top athletes and business professionals in the world along with the realization that there can be no success in life without health became the driving force behind why I created the Feeling Pretty Remarkable high performance health coaching program. Along the way I discovered three key insights:

  1. Everything begins with a thought.  Your beliefs guide your behaviours and your behaviours determine what you get.  Without developing the ability to control your thoughts and overcome your limiting beliefs you will not achieve your goal of mastering your health. 

  2. Above average people need above average health.  To get the most out of life you have to be able to get the most out of yourself. Mastering the ability to think, feel and perform at your best everyday with the greatest of health is the greatest advantage you can attain in life.

  3. The better you feel, the better you perform.  Most people want to perform at their highest level possible and many end up doing so at the expense of their health. This approach can destroy your ability to perform well over the long run and leave you broken and burned out.  In life, nothing can add to or take away from the quality of your life more than health. 

Nothing can add to or take away from the quality of your life more than health. 

Work directly with Dr. Kevin Jardine every step of the way.

Recognized internationally as a leading expert on health and human performance, Dr. Jardine lectures and presents internationally while continuing to treat numerous professional and Olympic athletes.

Dr. Jardine's blend of interest and education in medical, nutritional and psychological sciences, along with his success as a serial entrepreneur, provides him with a unique advantage for helping you succeed in ways that no one else can.


“I was a 60 year old, low energy, high cholesterol, post cancer, pre diabetic senior global executive, successful in business, but on a one way slide to permanent ill health. With Kevin’s disciplined and holistic approach, I have turned the momentum of my life around and am happier and healthier now than I was even 40 years ago. And with his coaching, I plan to stay this way for at least another 25 years.”
— Don Morrison - Former COO of RIM/Blackberry

details of The Feeling Pretty Remarkable High Performance health coaching program:

Get back control of your health and fully engage in getting the most out of life with the greatest of health by learning how to use mindset, movement and metabolism as medicine. 

Work directly with Dr. Jardine to establish an individualized plan for helping you succeed at regaining control over your limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours which have been robbing you of the life you deserve.

  1. Comprehensive assessments to determine where you are and where you want to be so we can succeed at filling that gap. 
  2. Customized healthy eating plans and tactical strategies so that your body gets exactly what it needs to thrive. 
  3. Targeted training plans for helping you achieve a body you are proud of and a body that can stand up to the demands of living a fully engaging life. 


Become a happier, more present and fulfilled person by learning effective strategies to control your level of stress and your ability to stay positive no matter what life throws at you.  


Become stronger, leaner and more mobile by learning how to structure your day around movement so you can enjoy moving more and hurting less with more energy than you had 20 years ago.  


Understand the link between energy, focus and longevity and what you eat so you can get back to thinking, feeling and performing at your best while living the highest quality of life possible. 

“In my career I’ve come across many passionate and driven coaches, practitioners and athletes who are dedicated and knowledgeable about their sport. Amongst that group a few individuals have stood out, true experts in their field, the best at what they do and they share a common attribute, the relentless pursuit of excellence. Kevin is one of those individuals. It is immediately apparent with Kevin that he brings something more to the table, an expertise, an attitude, a philosophy that leads to success at the highest level and he is driven to instil in the athletes he works with an unwavering belief that anything is possible.”
— Simon Whitfield, Triathlete Three-time Olympian: Gold Medalist Sydney, 2000; Athens, 2004; Silver Medalist Beijing, 2008

Are you ready to get back to living life feeling pretty remarkable?

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