Feeling Pretty Remarkable Golf

Train like a pro. Become a better golfer.

Now you can do the same exercises as the professionals to improve your flexibility, strength and endurance. Learn to use your body to play better and help keep your injury-free. Use the program to warm-up before you play or after a game to prevent stiffness. 

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Make your back nine as strong as your front.

Strengthen your body using only your body weight, with a 20 minute session, 5 days a week. The program last 9 weeks and consists of 3 phases. Each phase takes 3 weeks to compete and consists of a different set of exercises. 



Train your muscles to properly support your golf swing, improve your stability and gain greater mobility. Help your body stay injury-free both on and off the course.


Get coached like the pros.

This program is led by Cornel Driessen, a physical therapist with extensive experience working as a performance enhancement consultant for golfers on both the European & US PGA Tour Circuits.

Hi I’m Charl Schwartzel. I’ve worked with Cornel Driessen since 2008. We found a lot of weaknesses in my body and we’ve come a long way. The exercises that I’ve done and are still doing have resulted in a big improvement in my golf game and in my body.
— Charl Schwartzel -won 2011 Masters
Hi I’m Henrik Stenson. I’ve been working with Cornel for the last two years. When we started we did some screens and we looked at what areas needed to be strengthened and what needed more mobility. We targeted that and I feel a bit stronger and a bit more mobile. It feels like it really improves my physique and also my golf game. So I hope you can dig into these exercises and become better as well.
— Henrik Stenson highest ever ranked Swedish Golfer & 2009 Players Championship winner
Hi I’ve been working with ProGolf Health for a number of years. Cornel Driessen has really helped me get my body in the best shape I can get it in to play my best golf. He’s helped me with physio, training programs, medical attention. Anything I needed to get myself in shape. I really do recommend him.
— Retief Goosen two time US Open winner