My passion is studying, applying and teaching the science of health and human performance.

My mission is to help as many people as I can live the healthiest, highest performing and most fulfilling lives possible. 

Dr. Kevin Jardine is internationally recognized and respected as a leader in high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition.

Dr. Jardine started his career focused on exercise science and understanding the physiology of how the body functions. He then continued his education receiving a doctorate in Chiropractic so that he could understand what happens when the body breaks down and how to fix it. For years Dr. Jardine continued to pursue advanced education and learning in topics such as performance psychology, medical acupuncture, clinical and performance nutrition as well as applied neuroscience. Many of these topics Dr. Jardine has had the honour of teaching around the world to other health care and fitness professionals.

Now, with decades of experience working with some of the greatest athletes, teams and business professionals in the world, Dr. Jardine now focuses his attention on helping as many people as he can understand, and apply, the science of how to live life feeling pretty remarkable.


As a successful entrepreneur Dr. Jardine loves finding new innovative ways to help people move more and hurt less so they can live the highest quality, longest lasting and energized life possible. Companies in which Dr. Jardine has helped create include: