We want to help you live a Remarkable life!

We created Feeling Pretty Remarkable with the goal of helping as many people as we can live the healthiest, happiest and highest performing lives possible.  We combined our extensive experience with scientific evidence from neuroscience, psychology, physiology and productivity to deliver a step-by-step coaching program that helps people achieve remarkable results. 

In our experience, no matter how a person defines success, their ability to achieve it comes down to mastering three main principles; Their mindset, or how the think; Their energy, or how they feel; and their level of impact, or how they perform. When we started teaching clients these three main principles, they were able to apply them to improve any area of their life. 

We created a coaching program for supporting holistic success.  The type of success in which a person succeeds both professionally and personally.  

Feeling Pretty Remarkable was founded by Dr. Kevin Jardine and Dr. Tammy Berger who also happen to be married.  They have successfully applied the principles they teach to build several successful businesses, to deepen their personal relationships and to develop the health and energy to sustain their high performance lifestyle. 

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