My purpose is to live life fully alive and at my best; authentically, ambitiously, passionately and thoughtfully while creating a positive impact on the people I meet and the world we live in. 

My passion is found in pursuing growth and adventure and in studying, applying and teaching the science and the skills of health, happiness and human performance. 

My mission is to help as many people as I can live healthy, happy and rewarding lives knowing they have done their best to get the most out of life while creating a positive impact on the world. 



Dr. Kevin Jardine is internationally recognized and respected as a leader in high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition.

Dr. Jardine started his career focused on exercise science and understanding the physiology of how the body functions. He then continued his education receiving a doctorate in Chiropractic so that he could understand what happens when the body breaks down and how to fix it. For years Dr. Jardine continued to pursue advanced education and learning in topics such as performance psychology, medical acupuncture, clinical and performance nutrition as well as applied neuroscience. Many of these topics Dr. Jardine has had the honour of teaching around the world to other health care and fitness professionals.

Now, with decades of experience working with some of the greatest athletes, teams and business professionals in the world, Dr. Jardine now focuses his attention on helping as many people as he can understand, and apply, the science of how to live life feeling pretty remarkable.

Hi, I'm Kevin, and I'd like to tell you more about Feeling Pretty Remarkable.

Feeling Pretty Remarkable is being happy with who you are, your level of health and the results you are getting in life.  

To improve your results in life you need to improve your level of performance. Reaching higher levels of performance isn’t elusive and it shouldn’t be intimidating, it is really all about achieving higher levels of energy and presence, more productivity and greater resilience against the wear and tear of life. My approach to feeling pretty remarkable in life starts with taking control over your thoughts and your level of energy so you can really perform at your best without sacrificing your health or wellbeing.

In my experience, having worked for over a decade treating and coaching professional athletes and high-level business executives, I often see success being pursued at the expense of health, both mental and physical. This can leave you drained, burnt out, and broken. And we all know that without health, there can be no success in life. I've also seen first hand what it is like to be healthy and fit but void of joy and fulfillment for what you are doing. 

I personally know this to be true, as I too pushed hard for success at the expense of good health and personal fulfillment. On top of being a health care professional travelling the globe working with the athletes and teams I was working with I also built a number of successful companies that needed my constant attention. When building one of these companies I ended up basically living on a plane.
I was not sleeping enough, making horrible food choices and not exercising regularly. My brain and my body were constantly under assault with my never ending to do list and I just kept pushing through thinking if I can only make it to next week I’d be able to catch up. My life was out of control, I was broken both physically and mentally. I definitely wasn’t feeling pretty remarkable. Like so many, I kept telling myself that if I could hold on for just a little longer everything would settle down. But the reality was that things just got worse. Not only was my health suffering, so were my closest relationships and ultimately my happiness.

I distinctly remember a time when my young daughter asked if she could have “two daddies.” One that goes to work and one that she can play with. That crushed me, and I knew things needed to change. I was paying for my 'success' with my health and the relationships I cared about the most. And to think, I am a health expert, and even I was failing! I learned that most people don’t perform well and end up falling short of living the life they dream of because they don’t feel well. I then used this to form the core of what Feeling Pretty Remarkable stands for.  The ability to feel great, physically, mentally and about what you are doing in life and why. 

Without a doubt I know that the better you feel – the better you perform so I began to build a plan for how to multiply my energy, strengthen my mindset and maximize my performance so I could regain control of my success and experience life without limits. That is how I came to develop Feeling Pretty Remarkable and the various programs I offer, from coaching to speaking to do-it-yourself solutions.  Feeling Pretty Remarkable combines the best of health, life, high-performance and personal development coaching into one transformational business that is based on scientific evidence and proven experience.  

I’m a serial entrepreneur and an athlete who has a young family and a full clinical practice. I live the challenges you face and know how to help you overcome them. I've personally used what I offer on this website to help me improve my life and I’ve used these strategies with thousands of people who have come into my office looking for ways to regain control of their health, their energy and their level of success in life.
I’m now sharing that experience in order to provide you with tactical and proven ways to take your life to the next level and help you feel and perform at your best. Ultimately, this website is all about developing the skills that help you maximize your ability to get the most out of life. I hope you enjoy it. 

Here are some of the companies I've helped build.....


Here are some of the people I've had the honour to work with.....

“In my career I’ve come across many passionate and driven coaches, practitioners and athletes who are dedicated and knowledgeable about their sport. Amongst that group a few individuals have stood out, true experts in their field, the best at what they do and they share a common attribute, the relentless pursuit of excellence. Kevin is one of those individuals. It is immediately apparent with Kevin that he brings something more to the table, an expertise, an attitude, a philosophy that leads to success at the highest level and he is driven to instil in the athletes he works with an unwavering belief that anything is possible.”
— –Simon Whitfield, Triathlete Three-time Olympian: Gold Medalist Sydney, 2000; Athens, 2004; Silver Medalist Beijing, 2008
“I was a 60 year old, low energy, high cholesterol, post cancer, pre diabetic senior global executive, successful in business, but on a one way slide to permanent ill health. With Kevin’s disciplined and holistic approach, I have turned the momentum of my life around and am happier and healthier now than I was even 40 years ago. And with his coaching, I plan to stay this way for at least another 25 years.”
— —Don Morrison, Former COO of RIM/Blackberry
“Working with Kevin has been a pleasure. His mass of knowledge, unwavering commitment to learning new things and passion for helping others improve makes him truly unique and irreplaceable in the sports performance world. Thanks so much for all your help Kevin!”
— –Ryan Atkins World Champion Obstacle Course Racing Athlete

Here is What I love doing the most......

Spending time with my family!


And continually Challenging myself mentally and physically..........

And I love working with patients, helping them understand and overcome their injuries.  

I combine the use of manual therapy, corrective exercise and therapeutic nutrition to provide a comprehensive approach to helping you move more and hurt less as quickly as possible.

“Thank you Kevin for your continued support and world class athlete care. A truly productive and inspiring experience with every session I have with you. Grateful to have you in my corner during the London Olympics, and now again as I work towards Rio 2016.”
— - Emily Batty, Professional Athlete and Olympian