Welcome to Feeling Pretty Remarkable where we help individuals and organizations become healthier, happier and higher performing.


To accomplish this we created a unique framework that combines the best of neuroscience, physiology, leadership and productivity sciences in what we call:

The Feeling Pretty Remarkable Advantage


The Feeling Pretty Remarkable Advantage focuses on mastering 3 critical pillars for helping individuals and organizations become healthier, happier and higher performing: Mindset Mastery, Energy Management and a focus on Maximizing Impact.   


Mastering Your MINDSET

Take your mental game to the next level by learning how to thrive under pressure and manage negative thoughts. Learn strategies that will build your confidence no matter what you do. Achieve a positive growth focused attitude that allows you to take on any challenge. Mastering your mindset consists of cognitive conditioning, mental skills development and strengthening your strategic decision making so that you can gain the advantage of thinking at your best everyday.


Managing your ENERGY

Results takes action and action takes energy. Learn how you have the power to generate and sustain the energy levels you need to focus clearly and get the results you know you are capable of achieving. A greater level of energy is the edge that will help you get the most out of yourself, and life. Learn scientific ways to quickly build a strong, mobile and energized body that can go the distance. Multiplying your energy will ultimately help you fortify yourself against breakdowns and burnout.  


Maximizing your IMPACT

Impact is about generating results that create remarkable value. To be impactful you need to be clear about who you are, what you are doing, and most importantly, why.  Learn the latest science around leadership development, productivity and habit formation so you can take yourself and others to the next level of success. Design rituals and routines that are focused on supporting your success in life. Maximizing your impact is about making a difference that matters.

how we help individuals and organizations unlock thier true potential so they can achieve remarkable results: 

A unique high performance coaching framework that combines the best of psychology, physiology and productivity sciences to help you achieve thinking, feeling and performing at your best so you can live a remarkable life doing remarkable things. With both one-on-one and group based coaching options, the Feeling Pretty Remarkable Coaching program takes you through 10 sessions that help you become the best version of yourself. The program has been developed to challenge you, generate new insights and provide actionable strategies for creating lasting results.  Are you ready to become a high performer and transform the way you think, feel and perform in life?

Develop a remarkable organization with a culture of growth and action, full of top performers with the skills needed to thrive in todays fast paced and stressful world. Greater energy, better results and a culture of collaboration and excellence are the pillars in which great companies are built. Our speaking and workshop events help train your team on these pillars of performance so you can take your organization to the next level.   

Experience growth like never before by getting out of your comfort zone and seeing what you're made of.  These custom tailored coaching expeditions challenge you both mentally and physically without compromising safety.