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Meet Dr. Kevin Jardine


As a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition and with decades of experience working with some of the world’s top performers, teams and Olympians, Dr. Jardine is focused on helping people think, feel and perform at their best in all they do.

Services Offered

I offer performance focused health coaching, injury management and nutritional expertise to help high achievers thrive living life to the max

High-Performance Health Coaching

High-performance health coaching using the Feeling Pretty Remarkable Formula will teach you the science of how to think, feel and perform at your best in all you do so you can maximize what you get out of life. While working directly with Dr. Jardine online or in person, you will establish a proven plan for learning the strategies you need to get control of your energy, mindset and health so you can outperform all expectations in whatever you pursue.

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High-Performance Injury Management

Dr. Jardine offers proven expertise in helping people overcome and prevent injuries with manual therapy, exercise and nutrition. Comprehensive evaluation strategies and education will help clarify what the underlying issues are in helping you overcome and prevent injuries. Individualized treatment and coaching helps you maximize your results and restore your strength and mobility so you can regain the freedom that only great health can provide.

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High-Performance Nutrition

Looking to give your body what it needs to maximize your performance while protecting your health? Performance nutrition is about strategically using food and supplements to maximize your energy and recovery so that you build a more powerful, more athletic and leaner body that that can perform better under stress..

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One Amazing Warm-Up Movement: Perform Better, Prevent Injuries.

Is there really a magic bullet exercise that can do it all and help you skyrocket your performance while guaranteeing to prevent injuries? The answer is no, but there are some movements you can be doing that can certainly help and that should be a...

5 Things To Look For In A Recovery Drink

What you consume immediately after your training session can directly effect your next training session, as well as your energy for the rest of the day. The level of soreness you feel after training can also be influenced by what you consume after...

5 Recovery Strategies To Help You Perform Better

Recovery is performance. It is the ability of your body to adapt to the stress you impose on it that will determine what level you can take your performance to. Your ability to adapt is made up on a combination of your genetics and what you do to...