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Meet Dr. Kevin Jardine


As a recognized leader in the field of high-performance development, physical medicine and nutrition and with decades of experience working with some of the world’s top performers, teams and Olympians, Dr. Jardine is focused on helping people think, feel and perform at their best in all they do. He created the Feeling Pretty Remarkable Formula as a way to teach people the practical science behind how to multiply their energy, master their mindset and maximize their performance so they can achieve better results in every area of their lives.

"I was a 60 year old, low energy, high cholesterol, post cancer, pre diabetic senior global executive, successful in business, but on a one way slide to permanent ill health. With Kevin’s disciplined and wholistic approach, I have turned the momentum of my life around and am happier and healthier now than I was even 40 years ago. And with his coaching, I plan to stay this way for at least another 25 years."

— Don Morrison, Former COO of RIM/Blackberry

The Feeling Pretty Remarkable Formula

Combine Mindset, Body and Metabolism training so you can think, feel and perform at your best



Learn the skills needed to fully engage your mind and brain towards thinking clearly and feeling your best.



Learn what movements are best to help you overcome injuries and get fit, restoring youthful motion to your joints and muscles so you can stay active forever.



Learn what to eat to improve your energy levels and help your body withstand stress.

Coaching Programs

High-Performance Health Coaching

High-performance health coaching using the Feeling Pretty Remarkable Formula will teach you the science of how to think, feel and perform at your best in all you do so you can maximize what you get out of life. While working directly with Dr. Jardine online or in person, you will establish a proven plan for learning the strategies you need to get control of your energy, mindset and health so you can outperform all expectations in whatever you pursue.

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Heavy Lifting and Weak Hamstrings: How To Prevent An Injury Waiting To Happen

This week I evaluated two more athletes who are having low back issues when training, especially with deadlifting. Both of these athletes tested weak in the hamstrings when I tested them in isolation, which was a bit of a shock to them as they are...

Performance Nutrition: How To Maximize Recovery While Training At A High Intensity.

The quest for better performance requires training at a high level: heavy weights, punishing intervals, and the mental battle of long, endurance training. While many of us view the training as the critical part to improving performance we often...

Does fitness equal health?

I get a lot of surprised faces looking at me when I’m on stage presenting and I say: “being fit doesn't make you healthy”. Having worked with many of the world’s fittest athletes I can tell you that they are not always the healthiest of people...