Live Life Feeling Pretty Remarkable

By Learning How To
Think, Feel And Perform At Your Best Everyday
With The Greatest Of Health

My Unique Approach

The Feeling Pretty Remarkable Formula

Teaches how to use MindsetMovement and Metabolism as medicine so you can
gain the ultimate performance advantage of thinking, feeling and being your best in all you do.


How Well Your Mind Performs

Develop the clarity, sharpness and the mental resilience needed to live life to the max


How Well Your Body Performs

Fortify your body against ageing and injury while dropping fat, gaining muscle and getting stronger every day.


How Well Your Fuel Performs

Energize, repair and protect your body and mind with great nutrition

My Unique Experience

I’ve had the honor of working with and studying some of the world’s top performers; athletes and business professionals alike.

In that time I’ve seen the unfortunate quest for improved performance be pursued at the expense of health, and without health, there can be no success.

I’ve now dedicated my career to helping high achievers gain the advantage of thinking, feeling and performing at their best everyday with the greatest of health so they can truly live life to the max. 

My unique blend of study and hands on experience in medical, nutritional and psychological sciences combined with my success as an entrepreneur provide me with a unique advantage for helping you in ways that no one else can.


What You Will Achieve

Above Average People Need
Above Average Health

So they can achieve living life
Feeling Pretty Remarkable with
more energy, greater productivity
and stronger resilience!

In all areas of life,
The better you feel – The better you perform.

Achieving High Performance Health is the greatest performance advantage you can have for helping you live the highest quality, longest and most successful life possible.

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I was a 60 year old, low energy, high cholesterol, post cancer, pre diabetic senior global executive, successful in business, but on a one way slide to permanent ill health. With Kevin’s disciplined and holistic approach, I have turned the momentum of my life around and am happier and healthier now than I was even 40 years ago. And with his coaching, I plan to stay this way for at least another 25 years.

Don Morrison, Former COO of RIM/Blackberry

Working with Kevin has been a pleasure. His mass of knowledge, unwavering commitment to learning new things and passion for helping others improve makes him truly unique and irreplaceable in the sports performance world. Thanks so much for all your help Kevin!

Ryan Atkins, World Champion Obstacle Course Racing Athlete

In my career I've come across many passionate and driven coaches, practitioners and athletes who are dedicated and knowledgeable about their sport. Amongst that group a few individuals have stood out, true experts in their field, the best at what they do and they share a common attribute, the relentless pursuit of excellence. Kevin is one of those individuals. It is immediately apparent with Kevin that he brings something more to the table, an expertise, an attitude, a philosophy that leads to success at the highest level and he is driven to instill in the athletes he works with an unwavering belief that anything is possible.

Simon Whitfield, Triathlete, Three-time Olympian: Gold Medalist Sydney, 2000; Athens, 2004; Silver Medalist Beijing, 2008

Thank you Kevin for your continued support and world class athlete care. A truly productive and inspiring experience with session I have with you. Grateful to have you in my corner during the London Olympics, and now again as I work towards Rio 2016.

Emily Batty, Professional Athlete and Olympian

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